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A worksite where plant equipment such as heavy loaders, graders and tractors are present is dangerous enough as it is, especially for pedestrians. The dangers also extend to situations when the machinery is not in use, such as when it is being maintained.
For maintenance workers, the dangers lie in having to climb up to low-level heights over irregularly-shaped bodies, engine bays, cabins and more. This is where standard products like ladders fail – you don't get close enough to the working area, so overreaching exacerbates the risk of falls.

But you can drastically reduce this risk—and the risk of financially-costly injury downtime—with a custom-made machinery platform from SafeSmart

For underground and above ground mining operations, projects where excessive grading and excavation is required, and where plant equipment needs constant maintenance, SafeSmart can help, with construction-grade aluminium work platforms that suit your machinery perfectly. Enquiries? Contact us now.

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