Access Ramps, Walkways & Bridges

Access Ramps, Walkways & Bridges

High-Tensile Aluminium Solutions for Secure Pedestrian Access

Custom Access Ramps, Walkways & Bridges from the Access Leaders. For public, pedestrian or construction access, don’t risk using makeshift systems like those made from timber. To reduce the risk of slippage and subsequent falls, it’s easier than ever to obtain custom access ramps, walkways and stepovers. Where from? SafeSmart, of course. Our in-house design team have created many solutions for hundreds of clients from a great range of industries. Below are just a handful of examples of what our in-house fabrication team has produced from high-tensile aluminium, or steel as required. Or, we use our very own Proscaf scaffolding as a core range of elements for designing heftily weight-rated access ramps, walkways and bridges.

All our systems are designed to meet New Zealand safety standards. And because we manufacture it here, we can customise to suit your specific needs in a short turnaround.

Look no further for ramps, temporary bridges, walkways and platforms. We have significant experience in construction to make sites safer and more efficient. Our project experience includes tunnelling access, pedestrian access around sites, trenching, high-rise, civil construction access – there are not many challenges we come across that we haven’t met before. Talk to us for a free site audit today!

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