On Wheels and Hand-Carried

On Wheels and Hand-Carried

In many industries, there are situations that require a better height access solution than that of a standard ladder, but at the same time do not warrant the use of a motorised system.

This is where SafeSmart comes in, with a rolling, mobile work platform range that can help you to gain access to heights more safely and efficiently. Also featured in this range is our Super Trestle system, which can be easily carried by hand and redeployed in seconds.

These mobile work platforms offer safe and secure solutions for working at heights. A vast selection of heavy-duty platforms means we can provide for a varied range of access challenges! We ensure yours and your people’s safety by providing you with the best quality mobile work platforms.

Our portable work platforms are designed and made by use from high tensile aluminium and are compliant for use within the global territories we supply to.

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