Work Platform Solutions

SafeSmart Access has a diverse portfolio of aircraft access platforms that are suited for the flexible and easy maintenance of airplanes and helicopters:

  • Bell side platforms
  • Aircraft maintenance stairs
  • Full aircraft docking systems
  • Tail platforms
  • Eurocopter side platforms

Docking Systems: The SafeSmart Difference

With a thorough understanding of the aviation industry, we know that specialised equipment needs to have flexible configuration options to stay up to date with fleet upgrades and to be useable in the long run. Our docking systems have unique features, such as:

  • Easy reconfiguration for different aircraft and different maintenance programs
  • Very cost-efficient – even when equipment is specialised, we help you meet budgets and maintain safety at the same time
  • Our Docking Systems usually consist of a steel base dock with aluminium sliders and surround platforms – for easy manoeuvrability for when aircraft needs to move around, or for different stages of the maintenance program.
  • Full aluminium docking systems are also available.

For Your Aircraft Access Needs

Don’t risk the safety of your passengers or time and money lost on maintenance when access isn’t optimal. For more information on any of our docking systems, aircraft maintenance stairs, custom-designed mobile work platforms or our incredible selection of standard access equipment such as platform ladders, portable stairs, and aluminium and steel scaffolding systems, get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable staff today.

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For aircraft maintenance stairs and more, don’t risk using a company that doesn’t understand the aviation industry. See SafeSmart, and keep the fleet flying.

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New Zealand’s aviation industry is a crucial part of its progress. With large expanses and isolated rural areas, it is essential to be able to fly. And whether an airport is located in a remote rural area or in a city, robust ground support infrastructure that will withstand the elements is very important. For plane and helicopter upkeep and passenger safety, having easy height access via lightweight yet strong aircraft maintenance stairs that can be manoeuvred by hand is essential.

The range of aircraft maintenance stairs and platforms designed by SafeSmart Access give maintenance professionals the means to increase productivity and efficiency within their maintenance programs. These aviation work platforms are lightweight and easily manoeuvred for access to most maintenance areas while the tail platform boasts a large deck that permits a forklift or gantry crane to lift heavy parts.

Want more details on our aviation range? Explore our aviation division over at SafeSmart Aviation now.

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