Safe Use of a Scaffold Tower

A scaffold tower is a very useful piece of equipment on construction sites. When the need to work at a height for a long period of time arises, these towers provide an effective way of doing so. They are relatively simple to assemble, can be easily moved from one position to another and can provide much more accessibility than you would otherwise have on the construction site.

Of course, working from a height does pose some risks, and if the scaffold tower hasn’t been properly assembled or isn’t used correctly, the chances of these risks occurring are increased. We’ve compiled a list of pointers on using your scaffold tower correctly and safely.

Checking the safety of your scaffold tower

An in-depth assessment of how the scaffold tower will be used in your work environment must be carried out before erecting and using the equipment. This should be carried out by a competent individual with practical experience in assembling and using scaffold towers safely within an industrial situation.

A pre-use inspection is a must before anyone erects or uses the scaffold tower to work at height. This involves a visual check of the tower components, looking for any signs of cracks, weaknesses or missing components.

For long-term use of the assembled tower, regular safety checks must be made when the scaffold tower is to be used onsite. This will ensure that the tower remains as safe as it was just after its assembly, to reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries befalling the workers who use a scaffold tower, as well as those in its close vicinity. If you notice something wrong during one of your regular checks, work must cease immediately and until the problem has been resolved.

Ensure those who will work on or around the scaffold tower are aware of the safety procedures and hazards that may be present with having the tower on site, before the equipment is used In addition to the obvious risk of a user falling from the scaffold, hazards may include overhead power lines or risk of tools or other items falling from the scaffold.

Safely erecting and working on your scaffold tower

Firstly, check to see if your scaffold tower complies with the Working at Height Guidelines. When erecting your scaffold tower, always make sure it is resting on firm level ground with the castors or base plates properly supported and that it is erected and dismantled in accordance with the supplier’s or manufacturer’s safety instructions.

SafeSmart Access can help you safely build, use and move a scaffold tower, and we offer plenty of information on how to begin using scaffold towers on your construction site. Talk to our team by filling out our enquiry form or giving us a call on 0800 000 448.

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