Proscaf at Park Hyatt Wynyard Wharf

New Zealand’s booming international tourism industry is creating demand for the construction of hotels in its largest city. Aptly named the ‘City of Sails’ because of the popularity of sailing on its sparkling harbour, Auckland is also New Zealand’s gateway city for most international travellers.  So hotels like the luxury Park Hyatt, currently under construction on the city’s waterfront are required to cater for the growth.

The 29,000 square metre Park Hyatt hotel required a full perimeter 25 metre-high scaffold with two large atriums. With such an enormous project it takes a gigantic amount of scaffold edge protection to fully encapsulate the entire hotel building. Stair access towers also need to be constructed, and loading bays and ramps are needed to provide access to and from Alimac personnel lifts. So how did one of SafeSmart’s customers, Tana Scaffolding, provide engineers and workers with a safe and efficient height solution?

inside of building with scaffolding and orange restrictions

The Ultimate Height Installation

The Proscaf installation was fully birdcaged with two-metre working lifts around the perimeter and a fully planked out deck level just below the roof trusses. The installation has a load rating of 500kg per bay and a maximum load of 4000kg and included edge protection, fully encapsulating the scaffold to the exterior. Stair access towers, loading bays and ramps provided access to personnel lifts.

There was also a need for all-weather working conditions and containment whilst carrying out work on the upper-level trusses above the atrium. So temporary craneable roof sections were constructed from Proscaf trusses on the ground onsite. The roof sections were craned into place and moved along the length of the building to the position required as construction progressed.

While this project used an enormous amount of componentry, clever use of load-bearing Proscaf diagonal braces and truss beams reduced the volume of scaffolding components required by at least one third, saving time and money, while still achieving the load rating of 500kg per bay.

Clever engineering and well thought out designs ensured cost-effective efficiency was achieved for the entire project.

large scaffolding inside building

City of Sails Welcomes Hyatt

The more than 200 million dollars, Hyatt Hotel at Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter is set to be completed by March 2019 and will feature 195 luxury rooms, food and beverage outlets, event spaces, spa, fitness centre and a 25-metre swimming pool.  The hotel, said to be as much a premium hospitality destination for the public as a private hotel for guests, showcases the use of Proscaf rosette scaffolding from SafeSmart Access for keeping workers safe during the construction of a major new piece of infrastructure for Auckland’s future visitors and locals alike. 

When it comes to large-scale projects with much complexity, you can count on Proscaf and the team at SafeSmart Access to provide the right solution with the safety and efficiency of workers in mind. For professional advice when it comes to major projects talk to SafeSmart Access today or visit their contact page.

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