Rolling SmartRoof Project in Rotorua

Lodge 1

Lodge 2

SafeSmart Access were recently involved in an exciting scaffolding project in Rotorua involving a full reroof and renovation of two luxury lodges on the waterfront of lake Rotorua.

The project needed full weather protection from the weather as both buildings needed to be completely re-roofed. SafeSmart were involved in the early stages of the project to come up with the scaffolding methodology and design to cover over the lodges. SafeSmart worked with Bay Scaffold in Rotorua from the planning stages right through to the completion of the project.

SafeSmart Access came up with a very innovative methodology using the Rolling SmartRoof:

When SafeSmart first had a look at the project scope we knew the rolling methodology was going to be one of the best options.


The rolling SmartRoof methodology had many advantages with the specific project application. While the roof did not need to move once it was in place, the rolling methodology enhanced the speed and safety of the project significantly.

How the rolling SmartRoof works for re-roofs:

The rolling SmartRoof uses standard Keder system components, yet with the help of engineered Aluminium I-Beams and wheel carriages it can roll along any building length. This reduces the complexity and risks during installation significantly. If you are interested in finding out more about the methodology used please reach out.

Once all the truss sections are on the roller brackets, they can then be spaced our evenly and the SmartRoof bracing and then sheeting can be installed. The rollers brackets can then be locked off by applying the brakes and the whole project is covered and ready to start works to the house immediately.

The methodology used was ideal for both lodges on this site as there was no room to get a appropriate sized crane in which would be the other method of installing a SmartRoof. Using traditional methods of installation would involve extensive works at height installing the roof sections and a standard truss and shrink wrap would be even more extensive labour at height above the roof.

Lodge 1 on the site had a fragile terracotta tile which meant working off the roof surface to install the SmartRoof was not an option as the tiles would be reused once the roof work was done. Lodge 1 involved a significant scaffold structure to surround the 3 story’s. This involved a big landing bay, stair towers, as well as the scaffold being built off the roof in some parts. The Proscaf system was utilised in the design software to plan the project effectively and make sure it was engineered sufficiently. The Proscaf scaffold system was used to prop the ceiling inside the building so the scaffold that was built on top of the roof was supported.

Lodge 2 (Lake Villa) was even bigger and involved a reroof and full reclad with works also being done inside. The SmartRoof on this building was 20m wide x 20m long and was 14.5m height at the peak.

The full scaffold structure on both buildings was made using Proscaf. Both buildings used the Rolling SmartRoof Methodology and both buildings were wrapped with SafeSeal Wrap from SafeSmart Access.

This project will be up for almost 6 months, however the SmartRoof system including the sheeting will be able to be reused on many projects going forward, unlike shrink wrap.

If you have a technical project coming up, talk to us at SafeSmart Access for the most innovative and cutting edge access methodology.

Over the course of the project we worked closely with Bay Scaffolding based in Rotorua who done all the scaffolding and SmartRoof installation work and managed the whole project.

Across both Lodges which we installed simultaneously, there were many smart Proscaf components used including:

  • Step Down Brackets to split the 500mm Steps to 250mm still allowing a mid-rail.
  • AdjustaStairs for stair access up to the first platform where the height is irregular for standard scaffold stair sets. 
  • Telescopic Guardrails for ‘odd’ length bays or to fill the return in a stair tower bay.
  • Lap Planks and Lap Plates to cover small gaps and keep the whole structure very tidy and safe. 

These are just a few of the specialist Proscaf products used to complete this complex project that involved propping, cantilevered scaffold, fragile roof work, the rolling temporary roofs and shrink wrap. 

Bay Scaffold were extremely happy with the methodology and the ease of installation of the SmartRoof system as were the other stakeholders involved.

As mentioned above, we used a very effective methodology with the SmartRoof that saved time, reduced significant risk and made the whole project a breeze which is remarkable considering the project had a lot of technicalities. If you would like to find out more about this please contact us and we can share insights on the methodology used.

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