Bowen Hospital Excavation Propped Up by Proscaf

Wellington’s Bowen hospital, located on a hilly site in the Harbor Capital needed to expand.  With valuable car parking between the busy road and the front entrance of the existing building, the only option was to excavate the hill behind the building.  A challenge for the excavation was the lack of room on either side of the building to allow removal of material from the site.

scaffolding outside of building

The solution? Run a conveyor through the basement carpark, under the building and up the other side to the carpark at the level 2 entrance to the building, providing easy access for trucks to collect and remove.

In order to install the conveyor along its undulating course through to the front of the building, a trustworthy temporary structure with a known load capacity was required.  SafeSmart Access’ Proscaf Rosette Scaffold system was engaged. Proscaf was an obvious choice because its bolt-free wedge connection rosettes make it quick and easy to erect. The rosettes provide 8 points of contact at each node. This allowed workers to create a structure to support and cradle the conveyor as it moved in and under the building and up a steep slope out the other side at the front of the building.

scaffoding work with yellow bottles

Proscaf Features

The Proscaf structure made from post-weld, hot-dip galvanized high strength steel components have been independently tested and approved for heavy duty use to 30m and has performed at a height in excess 65m, so the contractors were more than confident Proscaf was up to the job.

Clever use of Proscaf allowed quick and easy excavation and removal of material from the rear of this hillside site, avoiding costly alternatives for a much-needed extension to the hospital.

Proscaf components are also available in robust high-strength structural grade aluminium alloy, tested for medium duty to 20m and light duty to 30m.  The reduction in weight of the Proscaf aluminium system, also makes it easier and more cost-effective to lift, erect and transport.

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