Proscaf Aluminium Provides Proven Savings for Scaffolding Industry

Aluminium Scaffolding for sale in NZ.

This New Zealand company providing scaffolding and height access solutions for use in construction worldwide is challenging traditions for financial efficiencies within the local scaffolding industry.  

Northland-based, SafeSmart Access is this country’s market leader in height access equipment. While their worldwide distribution network caters for the height access requirements of construction, defence, mining, aviation, transport and pipeline industries around the globe, the primary focus in New Zealand is the scaffolding industry.

Proscaf Scaffold System Is Cost-Effective

SafeSmart is the supplier of the popular Proscaf rosette style scaffold system, widely used for scaffolding of both residential and commercial construction developments. The versatility, speed, and efficiency of rosette scaffolding are accepted within the industry as being the most cost-effective scaffolding system for simple and complex installations alike. This is because of its bolt-free wedge connection rosettes which provide 8 connections on each node.

Traditionally the components that makeup rosette scaffold systems, including Proscaf, are made from steel for strength. However, with a 20-year background and experience in the design and fabrication of aluminium access platforms, SafeSmart Access have challenged this norm, by engineering a full suite of components to match the original steel Proscaf system with an aluminium alternative. We have the most renowned aluminium scaffolding for sale in NZ.  

Proscaf Steel vs Proscaf Aluminum

Aluminium scaffolding for sale in NZ. The lighter weight of the new aluminium scaffolding system was originally met with scepticism from the largely staunchly traditional scaffolding industry in New Zealand. However, operators using the aluminium equivalent are now realising the benefits to the ‘bottom line’ of the lighter weight Proscaf system.  Proscaf Aluminium Scaffolding is now proven to be quicker to erect, demanding less wear and tear on workers and allowing more components to be transported on a truck, all saving time and money.

A longtime user of Proscaf, Advance Scaffold Director Mike Robins was one of the first to see the potential benefits of an aluminium rosette system for his business, and the company pioneered Proscaf Aluminium Scaffolding in New Zealand with considerable success. Because Advance Scaffold has one team working solely with Proscaf steel and another working with the new aluminium equivalent, the savings in labour were made very clear to Mr Robins.

In addition, the lighter weight aluminium product allows for more of the dimensionally equivalent Proscaf aluminium components to be carried on a truck, meaning fewer trips. So not only are labour costs reduced, but the costs of running and maintaining vehicles are also reduced.

“Installation and dismantle time on a single story new-build is reduced by 28% using Proscaf Aluminium” - Mike Robins, Advance Scaffold

Further to the financial advantages of using Proscaf aluminium over steel, are some less tangible, albeit significant benefits for the scaffolding practitioners. Team Leader of Advance Scaffold’s aluminium team, Calvin Milner reports a happier workforce, experiencing less fatigue and injury than when they worked with the steel system.  

“Our workers love working with Proscaf aluminium because it's so much faster and easier to carry, and they can carry more.  It's also easier on the body”

Proscaf Aluminium Scaffolding in Tight Spaces

Proscaf Aluminium Scaffolding has also proven to be beneficial when scaffolding within small spaces or on sites with tight or awkward access – a common challenge for scaffolders working in our hilly harbour capital. The potential for damage when working on roofs and stair-wells or around a glass or other vulnerable surfaces is also reduced with the lighter weight product.  

Evolution Scaffolding was another early adopter of Proscaf Aluminium.  Director Wiremu Gray found the aluminium system a lot easier and less risky to work with than steel when his construction industry client needed to access the ceiling from a stairwell while leaving the stairs unobstructed for use by workers.  

“Proscaf Aluminium made the job easier, as the lighter components were easier to work with and less likely to cause damage to the surrounding woodwork”

So while the hot dipped galvanised high strength steel range of Proscaf is approved for heavy duty applications up to 30m, the lighter weight aluminium range, certified for medium duty up to 20m often provides a greater return on investment and a speedier service for scaffolders’ customers when working on lower level installations. SafeSmart Access Managing Director, Jeff Wearmouth is positive about the success of this technological advancement to the Proscaf product.

“More and more our customers are seeing the competitive advantage that can be achieved using Proscaf Aluminium. If its good for the industry it’s good for SafeSmart”

Imported to SafeSmart Access’s design, the Proscaf system is backed by SafeSmart’s in-house design and engineering team and tested in Australia and New Zealand by accredited independent testing laboratories to AS/NZS Standards.


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