Edge Protection Solutions

Edge Protection Solutions


With continual changes in regulations for safely working at height, innovative new slab and temporary roof edge protection systems for the construction industry are creating increased safety and efficiency, saving time and money. While a scaffolding ticket is required by New Zealand law for erecting scaffolds with an overall height of 5m or more, there are temporary edge protection options available which are easy to erect, safe to around and do not always require a scaffold ticket. We have a large range of edge protection in construction. In New Zealand, SafeSmart Access are leading the way in protecting scaffolders, roofers, builders and installers from falls from height, with a range of innovative solutions that are quick to install, in flexible configurations, and extremely effective. SafeSmart Access also understand the requirements of New Zealand standards and other applicable regulations very well. It informs all our designs, and our products meet and exceed what is required for the certification. Our temporary edge protection solutions are compatible with a range of edge types including I-Beams, precast structures, walls, slab edges including non-drill options (using lifting anchors to attach), residential roofs and ground up systems. Talk to use about our large range of edge protection in construction and temporary roof fall protection systems.

Access All Areas

From single-storey structures to temporary site offices to multi-storey construction, SafeSmart Access have a comprehensive range of edge protections systems that will suit any job:

All Solutions at a Glance


Eliminate the need for drilling with the NON-DRILL edge protection post & handrail system. Connect to lifting anchors on precast structures,
NON-DRILL works seamlessly with 1.3, 2.5, 5, 10T connections and hairpin anchors. Explore more.


AdaptaPanel features a heavy-duty framed panel arrangement to withstand harsh site conditions, as well as slide-in panels for easy modular disassembly and redeployment at another site. Explore more.


An easy-to-erect off the shelf aluminium roof edge protection system for low level applications. High-quality aluminium, with options for extending beyond 4m height with EasyRail joining spigot to accommodate various height rooves. The biggest advantages of the EasyRail system are the speed of installation, and the fact that it doesn’t require fixing in to an existing structure. Explore more.

King Klamp Railing System

A reusable, cost effective solution for fitting to most exposed walls. No drilling required, and features extra strong galvanised steel. Explore more.


Free-standing system with adjustable platform height that is compatible with standard SafeSmart Access frames – extendable to accommodate two-storey homes. A full range of accessories and components makes this the comprehensive solution for contractor welfare. Explore more.

Portable Building Edge Protection

SafeSmart has the most suitable roof edge protection solution available: with cross-braced truss handrails and full adjustability, you have the complete solution. Explore more.

SafeEdge Aluminium Edge Protection

The SafeEdge Aluminium post is the lightest on the market and is designed for commercial building projects. Explore more.

I-Klamp – Edge Protection for I-Beams

This bracket adjusts to attach onto I-Beams. It is a cost effective alternative to making edge protection out of tube and clip scaffolding. Explore more.

Enquire about Our Height and Roof Edge Protection Systems

Worker safety is paramount, so if you have any questions about height or roof edge protection systems from SafeSmart Access, feel free to get in touch today.

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