Edge Protection For Sheet Piling

Sheet Pile Edge Protection Post

Edge Protection For Sheet Piling

Sheet Pile Edge Protection Post
  • Quick, drill-free installation with two compression bolts
  • Adaptable to a broad range of sheet pile thicknesses
  • Enhances site safety without damaging sheet piles
  • Accommodates a broad range of sheet pile thicknesses
  • Opening Width of 30mm
  • Maximum post spacing of 2.0m
  • Non-intrusive installation method - eliminating the need for drilling
  • Compression bolt attachment system utilising two bolts
  • Used in conjunction with scaffold tubes & couplers
  • Proprietary system
  • Compliant to AS 4994
  • Quick installation and disassembly
  • Can also be used to attach to I-beams

Ensuring worker safety without compromising on material integrity and installation efficiency is a critical challenge in the construction industry, especially when dealing with sheet piles. SafeSmart Access meets these demands head-on with the innovative Sheet Pile Edge Protection Post. Designed to accommodate various sheet pile thicknesses, this system offers a swift, non-intrusive installation process, setting a new standard for safety and efficiency on construction sites.

By using a compression bolt attachment system, this product negates the need for drilling, which can be both time-consuming and potentially damaging to sheet piles. Its compatibility with scaffold tubes and couplers ensures a robust and sturdy handrail system to protect workers on-site.

Furthermore, adhering to AS 4994 safety standards, the Sheet Pile Edge Protection Post serves as a testament to SafeSmart Access’s commitment to delivering safety solutions that meet the strictest regulations, giving peace of mind to both site managers and personnel.


The maximisation of safety and efficiency lies at the heart of the Sheet Pile Edge Protection Post’s design. Complying with AS 4994, it demonstrates a robust and compliant approach to edge protection. The simplicity of its installation – requiring only two compression bolts to secure – eases set-up processes significantly. Together with adjustable features, this solution ensures operative safety and is particularly beneficial for projects that demand quick adaptability and reusability of safety systems.


  • Construction and Demolition: This solution excels on construction sites where sheet piles are frequently used for earth retention and excavation support, ensuring worker safety during both the erection and dismantling stages.
  • Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Projects: For projects that involve waterfront structures, retaining walls or cofferdams, the Sheet Pile Edge Protection Post provides an efficient edge protection system without compromising the structural elements.
  • Event Sites and Temporary Structures: At outdoor events or temporary setups where sheet piles might be in use, this product offers a quick and reliable safety barrier that can easily be transported and installed.

The Sheet Pile Edge Protection Post is a stellar example of SafeSmart Access’s dedication to the innovation of safety products. Delivering reliability and reassurance, it stands as an indispensable asset for any construction site where sheet piles are employed.

For comprehensive project safety solutions, considering the Sheet Pile Edge Protection Post is a smart move towards bolstered site security and streamlined operations.

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