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PROSCAF - The Innovative Modular Rosette Scaffolding System

Proscaf's clever yet simple modular systemProscaf of scaffolding and edge protection gives maximum versatility with high performance using minimal parts and effort. The bolt-free ringlock rosette connections provide 8 connections on each level – four at fixed and four at variable angles, making the system versatile for simple and complex sites alike. Without the need for bolts, Proscaf can be single-handedly assembled three times faster than a traditional tube and clip systems.

Backed by our inhouse design and engineering team and tested in Austalia and New Zealand by accredited independent testing laboratories to AS/NZS standards, Proscaf rosette scaffold is SafeSmart Access's keystone product.  The original steel Proscaf has been in use in New Zealand for over 12 years.

Now with a choice of hot dip galvanised high strength steel, or the lighter weight aluminium for ease of installation and transportation, Proscaf gives scaffolders ultimate flexibility. View our Proscaf Safety documentation


Portable Scaffolding with Aluminium Proscaf

While the steel range is approved for heavy duty applicaProscaf Park Hyatttions up to 30m, the lighter weight aluminium range, certified for medium duty up to 20m – provides a greater return on investment for lower level installations.

Aluminium Proscaf is quicker to erect, demands less wear and tear on workers, allows more components to be transported on a truck, and provides easier access to challenging sites - all saving time and money.




“Our client needed to access the ceiling from a stairwell, while leaving the stairs unobstructed for use by workers. Proscaf Aluminium made the job easier, as the lighter components were easier to work with and less likely to cause damage to the surrounding woodwork”

Wiremu Gray, Evolution Scaffolding



We have been using Proscaf Aluminium for 2 years now.  With our small team and this product we are able to build full 3-deck platform scaff on two large houses 30kms apart and strip a third, all before 3pm.  But the best part is we could do this day after day because we're not spent after lugging steel every day" 

Chris Wilkinson, Kingdom Hire


Proscaf ringlock scaffold increases the speed of installation over traditional tube and clip because of the ease of positioning the pin into the ring rather than tightening multiple bolts. The ability to use 3.0m bays, rather than being limited to 2.4m also helps. Generally, Proscaf also achieves a more presentable look than tube and clip”.

The lighter weight of Proscaf aluminium increases the speed of installation, allows us to carry more equipment at once and uses less effort.  We can also load far more equipment onto trucks with less risk of overload, and damage to trucks”

- Mike Robins, Advance Scaffold


Steel or Aluminium

With our extensive experience in aluminium engineering and design, SafeSmart offers a range of high strength, structural grade aluminium alloy Proscaf components with equivalent length dimensions to the original Proscaf steel range. This is an industry-first, making Proscaf the most revolutionary rosette scaffold brand in New Zealand.



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