About the Manufacturer and Designers of Proscaf

From Solid Origins.

Proscaf have been serving several industries who require effective and compliant temporary height access products for decades.

From custom-designed and fabricated work platforms, steps, stairs and more, Proscaf puts efficiency and safety at the centre of all projects and subsequent designs that solve even the most challenging height access issues.


What We See, What We Solve, How We Evolve.

For many years, Proscaf's in-house engineers, systems designers and in-the-field representatives have been gathering data from scaffolders and end clients regarding what can be done to make scaffolding safer and more efficient. This is the first stage in the development of Proscaf system components. It is a system designed with practical real-world solutions in mind.

Enter: Proscaf.

Proscaf's bolt-free rosette allows installation to be done by far fewer personnel, and 8 connections on each level (four fixed and four at variable angles) make the system compatible with complex structures. But that's only the beginning. Read more about the Proscaf Advantage here

Scaffold stairs for Eden Park concert


Steel or Aluminium

With our extensive experience in aluminium engineering and design, SafeSmart offers a range of high strength, structural grade aluminium alloy Proscaf components with equivalent length dimensions to the original Proscaf steel range. This is an industry-first, making Proscaf the most revolutionary rosette scaffold brand in New Zealand.


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