General Facade Access

General Facade Access

  • Do more with less components. Proscaf component properties allow you to achieve more face metres with less tonnage of equipment
  • Proscaf has been used on countless of Facade scaffold projects around the world
  • Faster and easier to install than regular scaffold systems
  • Cantilevering properties allow for bridging/spanning of structures

Proscaf’s 8- point ring system and simple-to-use components mean that scaffold structures can be erected much quicker, and with minimal labour, when compared to traditional systems. Additionally, the engineered components allow for efficiency in design for complex façade scaffolds.

Base collars are used to ensure minimal labour is needed during base out – designed to be completed with one person.
Integrated stair and ladder access systems save time and labour.
Proscaf load bearing braces allow for bridging working platforms, reducing material and footprint on the ground. The requirement for additional materials eg ladder beams is removed.
Wider planks (320mm) and longer working bays mean less components are used in the scaffold, reducing time and build complexity.
Folded steel toeboards are lightweight, durable and simple to use – simply lock in behind the wedge head.
Tubular stiffeners underneath Proscaf planks ensure a solid, ‘bounce-free’ working platform, and also act as handles to aid install from the lift below.

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