SafeSmart's Leading Scaffold Roofing System


SafeSmart's Leading Scaffold Roofing System

  • Keder Temporary Roof System
  • Fast to install/ assemble
  • Reduces plastic waste onsite
  • Lightweight aluminium components
  • Custom branding can be applied to sheeting
  • Rolling model allows for full flexibility
  • Superior weather tightness
  • SmartRoof trusses can be utilised for different uses once the SmartRoof comes down
  • Craneable - save time assembling on the ground before craning into place
  • Site specific enginering data can be provided

Introducing the SmartRoof: a cutting-edge temporary roof and wall system crafted in collaboration with industry experts for top-tier weather protection and secure containment of falling objects. Engineered with a focus on versatility and cost-effectiveness, SmartRoof stands out with its superior strength, lightweight build, and hassle-free installation compared to other scaffolding roof systems.

The innovative SmartRoof keder system consolidates roof and side walls into a single continuous sheet, reducing leaks and minimizing the need for disposable wraps. Its modular design seamlessly integrates with Proscaf and tube-and-clip scaffolding components, offering an adaptable and cost-efficient solution for temporary roofing. Installing seamlessly from scaffold to roof, our truss mounts perfectly align within standard scaffold bays (0.73m & 1.09m) ensuring a smooth setup.

Crafted from lightweight Proscaf marine grade aluminum, our trusses, supported by a standard scaffolding structure, feature a specialized hip joiner at the apex to accommodate various coverage areas. The adjustable truss beam mounts offer flexibility with pitch angles from 5 to 45 degrees.

Another point of difference with our SmartRoof system is the bracing components. These are also made from lightweight aluminium and snap-lock into place. This means one person can install the bracing. Our aluminium bracing reduces a significant amount of time normally spent holding the bracing into place and tightening the scaffolding couplers.

The SmartRoof canopy, made of Ripstop Polyester 1100 Decitex material, effortlessly slides through the rail system for easy installation of roofs and walls. Additionally, an optional translucent Suntex anti-wicking canopy is available for added versatility.

The outcome? A reusable, waste-free temporary roof and wall system designed in collaboration with the scaffolding industry. Internally, it shields workers and materials from adverse weather while securely containing any falling debris.

Moreover, our recent innovation includes a rolling system, allowing the roof to slide along an I-beam. This feature facilitates easy material drop-offs by a crane and the ability to quickly slide the roof back over the site, ensuring fast site protection.

Engineered in New Zealand, the SmartRoof System has had rigorous independent testing and is fully certified. If you have a project coming up we can offer full engineering support. Talk to us about your project today.

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