Public Access - Stairs & Ramps

Proscaf Pedestrian Access Stairs & Ramps

Public Access - Stairs & Ramps

Proscaf Pedestrian Access Stairs & Ramps
  • Utilise Proscaf public access components to create a system suitable for pedestrian access
  • Stair treads (rise and going dimensions) and other system components are designed to comply with public access requirements (where applicable)
  • Ideal for projects at schools, train stations, hospitals, and other high traffic areas
  • Create seamless ramps ideal for high traffic, public pedestrian access
  • Available with flooring and continuous handrail solutions
  • Designed and engineered for public access
  • Ideal for high profile projects

Using our very own innovative Proscaf as a base, SafeSmart can design and supply pedestrian ramp access solutions for any access challenge.

The Proscaf system and its 8-hole rosette means that we can create stairs and ramps to scale obstacles and inclines, as well as work as temporary bridging, in any shape or size.

The public access components available through Proscaf will add a different dimension to your client offering. Create public access compliant ramps, stairs, walkways and more, with Proscaf.


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