Clear Span & Bridging

Clear Span & Bridging

  • Proscaf is the ideal system for spanning long distances and maintaining high kPa ratings
  • Bridging solutions are engineered to be suitable for site or public access
  • Can be craned into position in modules
  • Smaller bridging solutions are ideal for access between towers on-site out to cranes
  • Full engineering support for all projects

High-loading bearing Proscaf components, such as braces, transoms and ledgers, allows the user to design & build large clear span and bridging structures whilst achieving design efficiencies. These include pedestrian walkways, elevated and suspended working deck levels, craneable and suspended bridges, and more.

Where on-site access is required over obstructions or roads and walkways, Proscaf is used to provide a pre-engineered, compliant solution – without the requirement for external components such as heavy support beams.

A constant platform height is maintained on bridging structures, as the spans are built directly off node points. Other systems may require support beams which lead to irregular step and platform

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