Past Projects

Proscaf portable pedestrian bridge

Proscaf Bridge Keeps Soundsplash Festival Attendees Moving

Soundsplash is a boutique, multi-genre music festival run in Raglan, NZ. It is a summer festival of freedom, music, and expression, where patrons a...

SmartRoof Used at a Hawaii Surf Competition

While the organisers of a recent surf competition in Hawaii were not faced with the challenges of an antipodean winter, they used SmartRoof as an effective temporary building for the event.  SmartRoof was chosen because it is fast to erect and the specialist components are compatible with Proscaf.
facade scaffolding

General Facade Scaffolding

Proscaf was used for these facade projects because of its flexibility of design. Do more with less components - unique Proscaf component propertie...
stairway tower

Craneable Stairway Tower

Stairway towers are an ideal solution for early stages of a project - save installation time and money.  Proscaf's unique locking rosette and load ...
suspended scaffolding solution

PROSCAF on Suspended Scaffolding Structures

The flexibility provided by Proscaf's 8-node ring system is ideal for suspended and cantilevered structures. Suspended Scaffolding Suspended scaffo...
temporary bridges

Temporary Bridges

PROSCAF is the ideal system for spanning temporary bridges in long distances, and maintaining high kPa ratings.  Bridging solutions are engineered ...
public stair access

Public Stair Access

Utilising Proscaf public stair access components is an efficient and effective way to create a system suitable for pedestrian access.  Stair treads...
temporary pedestrian bridge

Pedestrian Bridge & Access

Create ramps and pedestrian bridge suitable for high traffic, public pedestrian access using Proscaf ringlock scaffold components.  Available with ...


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