Helping Scaffolding Companies Succeed | Dynamic Scaffolding

Dynamic Scaffolding is an innovative and driven scaffolding company based in Auckland. We have worked closely with them over the years and have been a part of their success to date. We discover what makes dynamic successful and how we have helped with this.

History Of Dynamic Scaffolding:

Dynamic Scaffolding was started in 2017, now 7 years ago. They started in residential projects and over time started to shift to commercial and more complex projects. What was once a 2-man band and a single truck is now a team of 30 that is always growing.

What Makes Dynamic Scaffolding Successful:

Dynamic Scaffolding have always been committed to a straightforward service promise – Deliver on what they promise, consistently.

Whether it be the quote, the delivery time or the project timeline, Dynamic are dedicated to delivering what they promise. This is why clients have been loyal and used dynamic time and again. Some clients have used Dynamic over the last 7 years since they started!

How Is Safesmart Access A Part Of Dynamic’s Success?

We have worked close with Dynamic Scaffolding since they first started. They have always used our Proscaf system and we have worked with them to help deliver projects.

As Todd mentioned:

“We’ve had a relationship with SafeSmart Access for the duration of our business. Not only have SafeSmart Access helped with Scaffold supply, but they’ve also helped with design and collaboration on larger and more complex projects. This has allowed us to contend in a competitive market.”

At SafeSmart our mindset and service approach to companies like Dynamic is to help them grow and succeed in the scaffold market. Tod mentioned:

“With SafeSmart, we have been able to scale our business year on year, while buying locally and not having to wait 3 or 4 months for equipment to arrive.”

We aren’t just a supplier of scaffolding but a delivery partner that helps Dynamic present comprehensive proposals including efficient design plans and methodologies that help secure new jobs.

Overall Dynamic Scaffolding have been happy with us as a supplier and a delivery partner on their projects:

“They’ve been very responsive, with competitive pricing, design solutions, basically the full package to allow us to do, what we want to do, within the market.”

We look forward to working with Dynamic Scaffolding in the future and helping similar scaffolding companies succeed.


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