Stair Systems For Eden Parks Inaugural Concert

The Six60 Concert Was The First Concert Held In Eden Park

New Zealand’s largest stadium has been focused solely on sports events since 1903, home to the Auckland Cricket and Rugby Club. When the decision was made to host the Six60 Concert, several large pedestrian access issues were highlighted by the engineers onsite.

The largest challenge was a fire exit stair allowing the 50,000 attendees to exit the stadium within the specific time set by the engineers.

Acrow, a local NZ scaffolding business was contracted to deliver a large public pedestrian access stairway from the ground up to the main exit doors.

Acrow identified Proscaf as the ideal system to use to build this kind of engineered, public compliant access structure. Acrow reached out to SafeSmart Access (the manufacturer of Proscaf) for the design and supply of Proscaf material. Proscaf’s Public Access components were used to ensure a compliant design and efficient build.

The Proscaf stair stringers and child-proof guardrails were utilised to complete the system. SafeSmart also supplied the outdoor carpet and high-viz stair nosing to ensure the solution met the relevant fire exit standards and could be signed off within the tight time-frame.

There were no access issues on the night of the event and the Proscaf stair system performed perfectly. SafeSmart Access have now been commissioned to supply a similar system in a lightweight Aluminium option for future projects.

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