Proscaf Wharf Project With Scafpro Limited And Heb Construction

Project Overview:

The Raglan wharf improvement project run by HEB Construction is one of our latest projects we have been working on.

As part of the improvements, handrails need to be added to the perimeter of the wharf and structure near the harbour.

This required one narrower section of wharf to be scaffolded down the sides of the wharf to provide a working platform to install the handrails, however there was no structure to build the scaffold off. This was when HEB Construction talked to Larry and the team at SafeSmart Access to come up with a solution.

We took the project scope and designed a scaffold fit for the project. This took the headache out of the job by creating a design for the contractor, so they didn’t have to think about this. James mentioned “They understood the scope of works, and my problem and my constraints. And then taking that problem and coming up with the solution that we have one site at the moment”.

We then utilized our network of scaffolding companies and choose a Scafpro Limited who we thought would be best suited for the job. This saved HEB Construction having to look around for the right scaffolding company that had the capability to do the technical job. This was also a benefit for Scafpro as they didn’t have to worry about the design and were involved at the right time in the project just to come on and erect the scaffold to the plan.

We then worked with an engineer to get the PS1 sign off required which again saved HEB having to worry about this.

Listen to Riwi Hamilton from Scafpro Limited and James Fox from HEB Construction:

As Riwi mentioned, “SafeSmart gave us the opportunity of providing a business partnership with us and providing us with jobs that are outside the scope of what we normally do. They provide us good support along with engineering.”

The Proscaf Structure:

As mentioned above, the scaffolding had to be a hanging scaffold as there was no structure below to build off.

The design included wall tie brackets to bolt into the wharf and then connect the rosettes to this.

It also required the use of our high rated steel trusses to connect the scaffolding down each side of the bridge and support the integrity of the structure. As Riwi mentioned they are “High tensile and we can hang a bit more weight off them.”

The design also relied on the Proscaf cross-braces which are the highest rated in the market.

The scaffolding structure had to be slightly changed to include more trusses during the project as some of the bolts holding the tie-in brackets were hitting reo. Otherwise the scaffolding structure followed the design which was made by our internal design engineer. Our designs are efficient as they are made specifically for the Proscaf load ratings which are industry high. This means our designs are not ‘over-engineered’ and use the right amount of gear.

Our Approach To Projects:

Here at SafeSmart Access we have taken on a new approach to projects and are adding huge value to the contractor by partnering with scaffolding companies and then working seamlessly together to come up with world class solutions using a world class scaffolding system, Proscaf.

If you have a challenging access problem (scaffolding or otherwise) and want to save time and headaches, talk to us today. We have a huge range of innovative access products manufactured in Northland, NZ and made in our factories overseas.