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Stage Hire & Scaffold Stage Services SKU: SwiftStage

Scaffold Stage Solutions | Stage Hire & Purchase

Stage Hire & Scaffold Stage Services SKU: SwiftStage
  • Staging system ideal for music events
  • Modular system made from lightweight aluminium
  • Fast and easy to erect and dismantle
  • Birch plywood decking provides a smooth quality finish
  • Available for stage hire

The Swiftstage System is a lightweight yet strong modular scaffold stage system that can be built into just about any configuration and integrates with our Proscaf system seamlessly. SwiftStage is comprised of 18mm anti-skid Latvian birch plywood decking, is quick and easy to erect, and easy and fast to dismantle and transport – compact packing also means fewer vehicles on the road.

This portable scaffold staging system is compatible with Proscaf scaffolding, so any of our scaffolding installation clients looking to enter the entertainment and staging market can do so by easily integrating the two systems. With this, stair and guardrail components combine with Proscaf’s vertical standards to create a scaffold stage of any shape or size.

The system can also be used for ‘birdcaging’, so the stage can stand alone without being reliant on being fixed to a permanent soffit or wall. And the area under the stage can be set up as a usable place for sub-floor equipment storage or any type of temporary weather-proof ‘room’.

SwiftStage provides scaffolding practitioners with the opportunity to erect event staging by utilizing not much more than standard aluminium Proscaf rosette scaffolding components. Flush mount disk locks secure the 18mm anti-skid deck to 0.5m to a lightweight aluminium frame. SwiftStage is certified to 5kPa and compliant to AS1664.2 and AS3990. Available for purchase or stage hire.

To talk purchase or stage hire pricing or ask any question about what this product can do for your project, contact us now.

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