The Best Option for Access Over Ground-Based Obstacles

Concrete Line Ramp

The Best Option for Access Over Ground-Based Obstacles

Concrete Line Ramp
  • For use when concrete pumping lines are in operation
  • Complies with AS/NZ 1428.1 – 2009
  • 1200mm wide
  • 900mm high handrails with 104mm toe board
  • Adjustable legs to ensure no interference from the line pump
  • 1200mm long landing with 1:14 gradient ramps
  • Heavy duty chequer plate ramp surface
  • Bevelled entrance and exit for minimal walkway interruption
  • 2.5Kpa rated
  • Modular design for easy transportation
SKU: RB4.2X2
Concrete Line Ramp
Complies with AS/NZ 1428.1 – 2009

Whether it is for safe walking over cables, hoses, small trenches and more, SafeSmart design and build ramps and walkways for medium-duty use on building sites, event sites, on public footpaths and anywhere tripping hazards are placed on the ground temporarily.


As a more permanent and effective option to using neoprene or plastic “humps”, this example concrete line ramp unit was designed in-house by SafeSmart and built by us for a client who were running a concrete pump line across a public path which had to remain open to foot traffic as per council requirements.


Like with this system, we manufacture all hose ramps and temporary pedestrian bridges from high tensile aluminium, professionally welded where needed for rigidity or engineered to feature smartly-connected assembly points for easy packing-down and transportation.


This bridge inclines and declines at an easy 1:14 gradient, to allow safe crossing by pedestrians of all abilities and with the risk of slipping.

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