Introducing Safe Seal Wrap – The World’s Most Advanced Shrink Wrap

Who are Safe Seal Wrap?

SafeSeal Wrap is a Canadian company who have focused on manufacturing the highest quality shrink wrap in the world.

The company was created with input from shrink wrap installers around the globe. Recognizing that different countries present different conditions, they set out to develop a product that would withstand the world’s harshest elements and varied climatic conditions.

After testing over 250,000m2 of shrink wrap in the northern and southern hemispheres it was established that SafeSeal Wrap not only shrinks more and offers increased durability and longevity, but it is also easier to weld and shrink in the wet compared to other brands.

SafeSeal Wrap is continually growing in popularity and is used in USA, Canada, Denmark, Poland, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and now in New Zealand.

What is the Safe Seal Wrap manufacturing process?

SafeSeal Wrap has proudly partnered with one of Europe’s leading producers of masterbatches and plastic films to manufacture our shrink wrap. Combining their 50+ years of expertise producing plastic films, and the knowledge, experience and demands of our global installer network, SafeSeal Wrap have created the world’s most advanced shrink wrap.

Whether the shrink wrap formula is manufactured at the ISO 9001 accredited production facilities in Greece, China or France, the quality and consistency of the product remains identical and uncompromised.

Furthermore, markets in different countries can be best served by the closest production facility, minimizing shipping and transport costs, and enabling us to offer our customers a premium product at a competitive price.

We visited SafeSeal Wrap’s headquarters in Canada recently to learn more about the product and compare installation techniques between the two countries.


SafeSeal Wrap is renowned for its superior quality and durability. It is made from virgin products for consistency and quality.

The tried and tested SafeSeal Wrap formula provides:

  • Greater shrinkage
  • Superior puncture resistance
  • Proven UV resistance of 18 months
  • Stonger welds in the rain when compared
  • Ability to be recycled using our WrapCircle program

Don’t believe us? Hear what shrink wrap companies from around the world and in NZ have to say….

“None of the other wraps we’ve used from the countless different manufacturers around the world have stood up as well as SafeSeal to the harsh and unpredictable weather we’ve been experiencing of late”
– Kris Lee, Scaf-Wrap (NZ)



“The best shrink wrap we have ever used.”
– Rhino Wrap Group (Canada)



“Safe Seal Wrap has worked very well for our tank and temporary roof cover jobs and weathers better than other wrap.”
– Kuncheria George, IAES Group (Qatar)



“The quality of the shrink wrap itself is top notch, giving some of the best shrink and strongest welds I have seen.”
– Ian Mallany, Industrial Scaffold Services (Canada)


Why would I choose Safe Seal Wrap?

Safe Seal Wrap is known to work better in the rain compared to other brands. When welding or melting shrink wrap sheets together, the wet joints and welds hold just as well, if not better than dry welds.

In summary, SafeSeal Wrap is a high-quality wrap that you can achieve more with at a very competitive price.

Product Specifications:

Stocked roll sizes:

  • 12m x 30m roll – 230 micron
  • 15m x 30m roll – 230 micron

Custom sizes and thicknesses are available on request.

Tape and accessories available.


Check out the product and enquire here.



We offer a recycling program called WrapCircle. Check out more on this here.



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