WrapCircle | FREE SafeSeal Shrink Wrap recycling program!

Reducing the amount of shrink wrap plastic going to landfill!



Introducing our FREE recycling program for Shrink Wrap Users.


Shrink Wrap is a soft plastic. Soft plastics are harder to recycle and this often means used shrink wrap from construction projects ends up in a landfill. We want to stop this happening and have established a recycling program for shrink wrap called WrapCircle. Being able to recycle will be a game changer in NZ as it will stop thousands of tons of used shrink wrap going into landfill each year.

Why WrapCircle?

We are now the distributors in NZ for the SafeSeal Wrap building shrink wrap brand. They are Canadian based and have factories around the world who produce the world’s most versatile shrink wrap on the market. We wanted to ensure we had a solution to recycle this product once our customers have finished with it. This is where WrapCirlce started!

You can check out the SafeSeal Wrap range here.


WrapCircle is a free initiative addressing the environmental impact that building shrink wrap has when it is dumped into a landfill. We are recycling the SafeSeal wrap product in NZ by recycling it into useful products, preventing tons of shrink wrap from landfills each month.

In collaboration with Plasback NZ, the program facilitates the collection and recycling process of shrink wrap from construction sites across New Zealand.

Participants can drop off wrap at SafeSmart Branches or accumulate it at a premise until a truckload is ready for collection. The collected wrap undergoes compression, baling, and is sent to recycling facilities to be broken down and made into a recycled resin.

This resin is then used to manufacture various products, including Urba Bins, Damp Proof Membrane, Tuff Boards, and industrial plastic floor tiles, all by Plasback NZ. SafeSmart measures the amount of wrap that is saved from landfill.

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