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We are reducing the amount of plastic going to landfills!

Introducing our FREE recycling program for Shrink Wrap Users. 


Shrink Wrap is a soft plastic. Soft plastics are harder to recycle and this often means used shrink wrap from construction projects ends up in a landfill. We want to stop this happening and have established a recycling program for shrink wrap called WrapCircle. Being able to recycle will be a game changer in NZ as it will stop thousands of tons of used shrink wrap going into landfill each year. 


Why WrapCircle? 

We are now the distributors in NZ for the SafeSeal Wrap building shrink wrap brand. They are Canadian based and have factories around the world who produce the world's most versatile shrink wrap on the market. We wanted to ensure we had a solution to recycle this product once our customers have finished with it. This is where WrapCirlce started! 

You can check out the SafeSeal Wrap range here


Wrap Circle is an initiative to recycle used shrink wrap from projects and make it into useful products. This saves the used wrap ending up in landfill!

We have partnered with Plasback NZ who support SafeSmart with the collection logistics and the recycling process. Plasback was accredited by the Minister for the Environment under the Waste Minimisation Act 2008 on 4th May 2010. This enables us to collect shrink wrap from sites all over NZ and get it back to the recycling facilities.

The Process: 

  • Bundle for Collection: Plasback do not pickup directly from jobsites in most cases (some exceptions apply). There are two ways to get your wrap collected.

  1. Drop your used wrap off to one of our SafeSmart Branches (Auckland or Cromwell). We will then get it sent to Plasback to start the recycling process.
  2. Take your used wrap off the jobsite back to your yard and accumulate this until you have approx. one truckload. This is generally around 4000kg-6000kg. See below bundle for visual indication of presentation of a small truckload.
We ask that PVC tape is removed where possible. However our polyethylene tape can be recycled with the wrap. Wrap is best bundled into rolls and tied by another piece of wrap (as above). Any wrap that has excessive contamination will be rejected. 

  • Notify us: Once you have a truckload of SafeSeal wrap, SafeSmart will organize a collection through Plasback collection partners. Plasback have 13 collection partners around NZ that collect wrap for recycling. Please be aware it generally takes 3-6 weeks from notification to collection.
  • The recycling journey begins: The wrap will then be compressed, baled, and sent to a recycling facility where the wrap is produced into a recycled resin.
  • The wrap comes back: The resin produced from the wrap is manufactured into new products. The products produced from the recycled plastic resin are: Urba Bins, Damp Proof Membrane, Tuff Boards, through to industrial plastic floor tiles used in agriculture. Most of these products are available back in the NZ market.
  • Measure the impact: We measure and inform you of the total amount of wrap we save from going into landfill so you can step back and be proud of your contribution to a Sustainable Circular Environment.

This completely FREE program is strictly exclusive to SafeSeal Wrap product only. 

It makes sense to buy the worlds most versatile shrink wrap and get free recycling with this! 


Want to make a difference? Join us on our mission to save wrap going to landfill and start using & recycling SafeSeal Wrap in NZ!


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