Hutchinson’s Debris Danger Dealt With

Whilst working on the Castle Residences project on Castlereagh Street Sydney, contractors Hutchinson Builders’ workers were working on formwork decks just below street level when an unusual hazard was identified.

Since the demolition of the previous building to occupy the block, the wall of a neighbouring building, previously attached to the old building, was suffering from minor surface-level damage to the substrate.

Whilst minor regarding structural integrity, even the smallest chunk of loose superficial sandstone, should it come free and fall, presented a grave danger for the workers below.

The chosen installers on this job, who are frequent users of SafeSmart’s Proscaf system, looked for a solution that would be economical but effective, especially with falling debris proved to be a bit bigger than standard dust-like particles.

Teaming up for safety beyond just heights, Hutchinson worked with their scaffolding contractors to source and install a high-end triple layer debris netting— supplied by SafeSmart Access—along the top of the Proscaf supporting structure.

Made in Spain from 100% HDPE (virgin ‘High-Density PolyEthylene’), these nets’ three layers provide comprehensive protection from impact, giving the workers below added peace of mind and a working area to freely walk around under. The first layer, designed and rated to catch personnel, provided protection from large sandstone debris, the second layer protects from tool drops and smaller consumables and the final layer catches very small debris.

These nets, as well as the addition of safety net fans and other embellishments, are part of SafeSmart’s push towards a comprehensive offering based on the Proscaf system, providing not only optimum safety for personnel at height but also a higher level of integrated containment and encapsulation.

Clients like Hutchinson, and their installers, are now seeing benefits from utilising SafeSmart as their one-stop-shop for worksite safety.

Completion of the Castle Residences project is due in 2021.

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