The Christchurch Arts Centre Rebuild

Two major earthquakes occurring in 2010 and 2011 left environmental devastation and a collective sense of uncertainty among residents of Christchurch. The country was left in shock, with reports asserting that thousands of residents were left homeless, and the infrastructure sustained nearly irreparable damage. Christchurch has been in a rebuilding process since the last of the earthquakes occurred in 2011. The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority was established by the Government to provide major aid planning proceeding the aftermath.

The Christchurch Arts Centre has been in an ongoing rebuilding program which is anticipated to be completed by 2020. Only one of the twenty-three buildings on this historic campus did not sustain major damage from the quakes. Daveron Scaffolding has a significant role as restoration contractor for the Christchurch Arts Centre. The requirement for flexible use and quality material has lead to the use of SafeSmart's PROSCAF scaffolding systems to help with this major construction project. PROSCAF helps contain cost in that scaffolding can be erected by one person, assembly is easy, components are interchangeable and fit with precision. Daveron has had an integral part in servicing historic sites in Christchurch for nearly 20 years. The clock tower and college hall, two of the art Centre's oldest buildings are being fully restored.

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