Hunter Valley supercharges safety and efficiency with SafeSmart solutions

Mining plant & equipment are the most critical machines on the mining site. Without them, the whole operation would come to a grinding halt. That’s why it’s so important that they’re always in top condition.

Various Australian and international companies operate over 40 coal mines across the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, and their workshops are responsible for the ongoing maintenance of mining plant & equipment. Fleets of haul trucks, dozers, graders, and water carts are responsible for moving tonnes of material throughout the mining process from overburden removal to coal loading for processing.


Mining Maintenance and Platform Access Solutions

Mining maintenance is an essential element as a vital component of coal production & operational success. However, it can be difficult, with employees gaining access to narrow and high spaces around these enormous machines. Engineering management on one of these mine sites had identified a requirement for improved height access solutions to improve safety and efficiency whilst working on these machines.

After getting in touch with SafeSmart Access, on-site audits were conducted to study the work tasks and related height access requirements. The result was a suite of height access platforms, which would provide a safe and stable means of accessing these high and complex spaces across a range of vehicles.

D10-D11 Dozer Platform

The D10-D11 Dozer Platform is a versatile platform suitable for all manners of plant & equipment in the workshop. The 45-degree stair and landing provide maintenance access:

  • Over track access for D10 & D11 Dozers
  • To 16H graders accumulators
  • Upwards to grader cabs and windshields
  • Along hoses & hydraulics on the 24H grader gooseneck beams
  • Into air filter compartments on CAT 793F trucks

Grader Access Platform

Another dynamic workshop platform, the Grader Access Platform, allows mechanics easy and safe access to a range of various parts on many vehicles like:

  • Engine bays for 16H Graders
  • Engine bays for D10T dozers
  • Spray bar access to water carts (CAT 777s and CAT 785s)
  • Hydraulic hoses, air filters, and breathers on CAT 793F trucks

Hydraulic Box Access Stairs

The Hydraulic Box Access Stairs have been designed to allow safe and easy access over the hydraulic box of a CAT 785, 789, 793 into the chassis. The stairs also accommodate access to the front of Haul Trucks, particularly to the radiator and access ladder area.

Bumper Access Platform

The Haul Truck Bumper Access Platform gives access to truck bumpers that are important during re-builds and repairs, in which employees must stand for extended periods. These platforms also provide access to radar screens, pins, injectors, and grease lines in various ways.

Super Service Stands

Super Services Stands for various low-level tasks around all workshop machines where ladders are too unsafe or impractical to use.

Collaboration Driven Results!

SafeSmart Access achieved a solution that benefited both crews and management teams through collaboration, ensuring all pain points were addressed. We gained insight and design input from all stakeholders, and following design approval processes, the work stands were manufactured, delivered, and commissioned into use on-site.

The proposed stands are now 100% utilised in the client’s workshops across the Hunter Valley, with engineering management teams impressed with the stability and ergonomic advantages of the work platforms. Maintenance crews further noted that many tasks were made quicker and more efficient with the suite of platforms.

We Understand Workshop Maintenance Environments

SafeSmart Access understands the unique environment of mining and workshop maintenance. We have extensive experience designing height access solutions that improve safety and efficiency for maintenance crew members. From on-site audits to the delivery of custom-made work platforms, we have a solution to meet your specific needs.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for more information on height access solutions for mining and workshop maintenance. We would be happy to discuss your specific requirements and how we can help improve safety and efficiency in your workplace.

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