SafeSmart Adds Extra Mussel to Safety in Auckland

Westpac Mussels were established in 1979, and they have become well-known for their New Zealand Greenshell Mussels. Their products are processed, packed and shipped from their facility located in Auckland’s west.

Key to their productivity is the upkeep of refrigeration machinery and infrastructure – facilities which in some cases feature sub-zero temperatures that people must enter to work in. Westpac’s spiral freezer is one such machine. The motor that runs it is also located in the same cold environment, and access to it is tight, making maintenance and cleaning  tricky. Mechanical workers needed access both over the system and to its side, so permanent steps or stairs would have both solved and caused a problem.

Westpac commissioned SafeSmart Access to design and manufacture a product that would accommodate both safe and efficient access. The resulting work platform  was conceived to fit snugly into the space between the motor and the wall, complete with handrails. And in addition to its superior stability, the unit is also designed to be removable on one side, so workers could walk in and access the motor whilst still standing on the floor.

The platform is made from high-grade aluminium to resist corrosion caused by a constantly damp environment. And it features coarsely-embossed diamond plate and channelled grooves on all standing areas to lower the risk of slipping on any excess ice.

Compliant with the standard AS1657:2013, the unit has produced instant positive results at the facility.

Westpac’s industrial engineer Jonathan Monlouis says that, “This stepover makes cleaning much safer in this environment. The stepover fits perfectly in place and I’m very happy about the way SafeSmart have approached it.”

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