Queensland worker loses a finger on substandard scaffold stairs

scaffolder loses fingerAn alert has been issued by WorkCover Queensland after a worker lost a finger as a result of a scaffold stair failure.

The factors contributing to the failure included inadequate transom support and substandard "tack" welds being used on critical points of the module. Further damage to the module had gone unnoticed

Fully certified welders at Safesmart Access' Northland manufacturing facility, use stitch welding techniques rather than the "tack" welds used on the failed unit. In addition, Safesmart Access' stairs are a complete unit, avoiding risk from twisting transoms, and the open design makes checking for cracks and damage easy.

We strongly recommend supporting scaffolds should be built according to applicable standards, and that the certifying Scaffolder regularly checks for any fatigue - especially at the time of assembly.

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