5 Reasons for using Ring-lock Scaffolding

proscaf ring lock scaffolding

Ring-lock Scaffolding is one of the most popular types of modular scaffold in the world. The main difference between ring-lock scaffold and traditional tube and clip is that ring-lock consists of prefabricated rosettes which connect the different scaffolding components together where tube and clip is made up from tubes and couplers as the name suggests. There are many other types of scaffolding such as Kwikstage. We will run through 5 advantages of using a ring-lock scaffolding system. Some of these advantages are Proscaf specific as it is a highly engineered and tested system compared to other ring-lock systems and has greater load ratings.

The Proscaf Ring-lock scaffolding system is available both steel and aluminium. Proscaf Aluminium is a truly unique product that is extremely efficient and easy on scaffold workers due to its lightweight properties, while still maintaining technical capabilities.



Ring-lock Scaffolding is versatile due to the 8 connection points on each rosette. This has massive advantages over other systems that only have 4 connection points when it comes to tricky angles and also the bracing of the system. The Proscaf ring-lock system has a huge range of additional scaffolding components that work together to achieve unique designs other systems can’t.


Speed & Efficiency:

One of the significant advantages of Proscaf Ring-lock Scaffolding is its ease of assembly and disassembly. With the unique ring-lock connection system, Proscaf can be set up and taken down quickly and easily in comparison to tube and clip scaffold saving you valuable time and effort during the erecting and dismantling phase. A ledger or diagonal brace can be securely attached to a rosette with a couple of hammer blows! Proscaf users have also commented they get less errors as it is a straightforward and easy to understand system. It is also easy to clean and maintain the gear due to the flat rosette and simple wedge head connectors. For most scaffold jobs a ring-lock system is the most cost effective due to the efficiency saved!



The rosette/ ring-lock design proves a very sturdy and complete lattice system that connects the Standard (vertical element), the ledgers (horizontal elements) and the brace (diagonal element) at one point.

Proscaf Ring-lock Scaffolding is known for its superior strength and durability. Made from high strength steel and hot dip galvanised after fabrication, it is fully compliant to AS/NZS 1576.1. Our aluminium system is made from high tensile aluminium and is also fully compliant to AS/NZS 1576.1.

The Proscaf braces have industry high load ratings that allows the Proscaf system to achieve scaffold design excessive to other systems including cantilevered, bridging and propping capabilities. More on this under technical data.


Technical Data on the System:

The Proscaf ring-lock scaffold system has technical data on every single component. This is used by our design team and scaffolding teams to come up with designs that are specific to Proscaf high-capacity load ratings. It means that scaffolding structures do not need to be over engineered as designs are made to the exact load rating they are capable of. This saves on the time and money that is spent build over-engineered structures ‘to be safe’. You can rest assured in a safe design specifically suited to the Proscaf system when you work with our designers.



This is straightforward but with the ease of assembly and disassembly of the system, this reduces the risk of human error during the scaffolding process. It is crucial to follow all safety guidelines and regulations while using any scaffolding system, including the Proscaf Ring-lock system. Proper training and supervision of workers are essential to maintain a safe work environment. By using the Proscaf Ring-lock scaffolding system and adhering to proper safety protocols, workers and contractors can ensure a secure and safe work environment on their construction site.


ring lock scaffold


In conclusion, the Proscaf Ring-lock scaffolding system offers many advantages over other types of scaffolding systems. The main benefit of the Proscaf ring-lock system is the efficiency when erecting and dismantling and the ease of storage less components. The system’s versatility, with eight connection points on each rosette, allows for more complex designs and bracing, while the strength and durability of the high-quality steel or aluminium construction ensure compliance with AS/NZS 1576.1 standards. The technical data available on the Proscaf system allows for precise and safe scaffold design, saving time and money in over-engineered structures. Whether working with Proscaf Steel or Proscaf Aluminium, users can trust in a reliable, safe, and easy-to-use scaffolding system that meets their unique project requirements.

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