AdaptaPanel Advantages


An introduction to SafeSmart's AdaptaPanel

The SafeSmart Access AdaptaPanel is a heavy-duty mesh edge protection system that has been designed, engineered, and tested to be used on both civil and construction projects.

A core tenant of SafeSmart’s approach, is that our products need to assist in the elimination, isolation, or minimisation of risk. To be added to our product range – they must be ‘Smart’, that is – be easy to use, solve existing challenges and last the distance.

are two guardrails enough protection?

With safety standards and risk elimination programs steadily increasing it is noticeable that fall protection on most sites is insufficient as the number of drops are staggeringly high on most projects. A tier 1 construction company recently reported 150 drops on a major project in Auckland – anything from a hand tool to a scrap of timber. Every drop from height can be deadly, so the liability that sits with the PCBU is high.

Traditional tube & clip edge protection with a toeboard is no longer the best option on high profile projects. Based on the amount of drops still occurring, switching to AdaptaPanel reduces the chances of material being blown off the site. The risk of a drop can then be further eliminated by increasing the height – the system is rated up to 3m high.

Getting ahead of the curve

There is opportunity to get ahead of the curve and be one of the early adopters of a full mesh panel system in New Zealand. The AdaptaPanel system is already a popular solution in Australia and is well known in the industry. We are seeing this trend coming to NZ. Safeguarding a project with AdaptaPanel means exclusion zones on the ground can be eliminated which increases productivity on site, particularly where there isn’t much space. 

Protecting a site with a mesh solution also portrays a more professional image of your company adopting safer edge protection for your workers and the public.


The AdaptaPanel system has been designed to work on any ‘edge’ thrown at it. Whether its slab edge, parapet, vertical or horizontal bolt down, I-beam, or shear stud. We even have a connection system for the crane lifting points. 

for the main contractor

The benefit of AdaptaPanel and the majority of SafeSmart’s edge protection products is the pre-engineered designs and compliance with NZ standards. This reduces the need for regular sign off from ticketed scaffolders and can even be installed/self-performed by your own workers instead of getting a scaffolding company in. SafeSmart’s edge protection systems are also very versatile and can often be integrated with each other to suit the site requirments. 

for the scaffolder

While some building contractors may invest in their own edge protection, a lot of these companies prefer to outsource edge protection to the scaffolder. As a scaffolding company looking to grow, having a full mesh system like AdaptaPanel is a massive competitive advantage in an industry that is looking for improvements in edge protection.

As tube and clip edge protection is still popular in NZ, offering a full mesh system like AdaptaPanel gives you a competitive advantage. This is particularly relevant for high-profile projects where the PCBU are looking to reduce risk. 

HIRE OR Purchase

We offer the option to buy or hire our AdaptaPanel system. If you have a project coming up where this could be used, ask for our hire rates or buy price and you can price the job without having to secure the stock first. We can also help with recommendation on which fittings and attachments to use for each application. 

The Alternative?

Another alternative to standard 2 handrails is using vertical safety nets. We have recently noticed a huge demand spike for these by many building contractors to provide full floor-to-floor containment for weather and fall protection. We have a range of safety nets including triple layered netting that can be retracted from the edge to load goods in or work on the face before sliding the nets back into place. Start a conversation with us to find out more and discuss how you can improve safety and efficiency and add to your competitive edge in the market.

SafeSmart Adaptapanel mesh screen edge protection solution

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