Benefits of Lightweight Scaffold | Chris Polaczuk

We have recently been in touch with Chris Polaczuk and he was happy to share his feedback and the feedback from scaffolders on Proscaf Aluminium lightweight scaffolding. Read below to find out the benefits of the system he has noticed through his experience in the industry.

(Image: Chris Polaczuk, Programme Manager at Construction Health and Safety NZ – CHASNZ)

“Proscaf Aluminium is an efficient system that has been designed and tested for optimum strength and durability in site conditions. Perfect for projects where you need the locking and load bearing properties of Proscaf Steel, but you need the light weight and installation advantages that aluminium delivers.”

“Take advantage of the benefits of aluminium lightweight scaffolding to prevent injuries in the NZ Scaffolding Industry.”

“Recent research shows that the weight of objects we carry at work is a major contributor to the wear and tear musculoskeletal problems which plague the NZ Scaffolding Industry. Therefore, the less weight our people handle throughout the day the less chance there is of wear and tear or acute, sudden injury.”

“Less weight handled = Less injury.”

“Talking with Scaffolders at Advanced Scaffolding in Petone who use Proscaf Aluminium lightweight scaffolding, there are common themes emerging of the benefits:”

  • “I am no longer ‘shagged out’ at the end of the working day so I can do things with my family outside of work”
  • “This might help me stay on the tools a bit longer”
  • “Its way faster to erect and disassemble taking away time pressure”
  • “Way lighter to lug up Mount Vic”
  • “After using it, it’s very hard to return to the full weight stuff”


“It seems that the fact that they use Proscaf Aluminium lightweight scaffolding is a real draw card to workers staying at this business.”

Benefits of Lightweight Scaffold

“Mike Robins (owner) says it’s just good for business:”

  • “The extra cost is easily recoverable in a short time by the savings made elsewhere.”
  • “It is mostly applicable in residential work which is the largest sector of the trade.”
  • “It has roughly the same life span as traditional steel.”
  • “It helps reduce absenteeism especially on Fridays and Mondays.”
  • “It is gender, injured and older worker friendly, opening more opportunity for diversity in the industry.”
  • “It reduces wear and fuel on trucks, and they are faster to load and unload.”

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