The Ingenious Way AdaptaSpan is Helping Tower Crane Operators Work Faster And Safer

What makes us different is that we work from the ground up, and nothing’s more true than our tower crane operator solution as an end-user oriented height access company. Our AdaptaSpan system provides a safe and efficient way for operators to access their tower cranes. Through our industry relationships we have developed an innovative solution that helps companies reduce health, safety, and productivity risks while improving profitability on site.

Tower cranes are extremely crucial to a project’s progress, and many construction companies know that booking in time for crane access can result in a long wait list. Scheduling and time efficiency is paramount, requiring an operator to be present at all times.

Each shift the tower crane operator has to scale the crane, spanning multiple building floors and only with ladder access to reach the crane cabin. The tower crane operator can face high winds and exhaustion when scaling the tower crane, starting right from the bottom of the crane.

We set out to make a solution that worked for both crane operator and contractors.

The AdaptaSpan system is a modular and off the shelf solution, with crane lifting points to allow easy relocation from level to level. By installing the bridging system to the crane mast, the operator uses the building’s goods hoists to reach the platform level, only needing to climb vertically for a short distance. Completely transportable, Adaptaspan can be uninstalled and reinstalled as the project increases in height. Further to this, with its modular design, the bridge can have new modules added at any point to allow for changes in the distance of the tower crane from the structure of the building.

Built NSW recently reached out to us for AdaptaSpan to be installed at their Parramatta Square construction sites. In order to meet the urgency of site scheduling, we deliver AdaptaSpan units within 24-48 hours notice. Allowing Built NSW to safely and efficiently get on with the job.

What makes AdaptaSpan superior to traditional methods of accessing a tower crane?

  • – Safe and efficient: AdaptaSpan allows the operator to reach the bridge level quickly, without the need to climb up multiple ladders. This saves time and reduces the risk of fatigue or injury.
  • – Modular and transportable: AdaptaSpan is modular, so it can be adapted to any site. It can also be transported easily, so it can be used again and again at multiple sites.
  • – Easy to use: The AdaptaSpan system is easy to install and requires no special training.

AdaptaSpan is trusted by construction firms and crane operators across Australia. Major firms including Lendlease at their Circular Quay Tower Project and Karimbla Constructions at the 180 George Parramatta Towers, choose AdaptaSpan as their go-to for improved safety and productivity.

An innovative solution that has proved time and time again to improve safety and productivity, AdaptaSpan has become the leading tower crane access system in Australia. Contact us to learn how you can use the AdaptaSpan system to improve your operational efficiency.

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