SYS – 2mH AdaptaPanel

Simplify Your Site 11 – 2mH AdaptaPanel

How do you ensure safety at edge with AdaptaPanel?

SafeSmart Access have the perfect solution for you.

SafeSmart’s new 2.0mH AdaptaPanel offering eliminates risk of falling objects from shoulder height.

– The 2.0mH AdaptaPanel features a heavy-duty framed panel arrangement to withstand harsh site conditions, as well as slide-in panels for easy modular disassembly and redeployment at another site.

– The 2.0mH posts bolt to the slab edge, creating a stronger structure than traditional ‘scaffolding’-type edge protection.

– The 2mH AdaptaPanel has been designed to meet relevant design and load requirements of AS/NZS 4994.1:2009 “Temporary Edge Protection” Standard for a maximum spacing between posts of 2.0m with a maximum post height of 2.0mH.

– The recommended fixing of posts to a concrete slab is with four quantity 12 Dia x 100 long concrete screw anchors per baseplate, based on 90mm anchor embedment in concrete which has a minimum strength of 32MPa.

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