SYS – Concrete Line Ramps

Simplify Your Site 13 – Concrete Line Ramp

How do you prioritise pedestrian safety when concrete pumping lines are in operation?

How could you overcome hazardous obstacles and prioritise the safety of pedestrians?

Concrete pumping lines when in operation in a construction site can pose a hazardous risk to pedestrians during routine travel around your worksite.

Overcome obstacles with ease with SafeSmart’s Concrete Line Ramp, the ramp significantly minimises risk and offers smooth and comfortable traversal for pedestrians and accommodate those who have restrictions in mobility.

Compliant with AS/NZ 1428.1 – 2009 standards, the high tensile aluminium 1200mmW and 900mmH ramp offers accessibility like no other with no compromise on safety. The Concrete Line Ramp is a permanent and effective option to using neoprene or plastic “humps”, the unit was designed in-house by SafeSmart and built in-house for a client in Sydney who were ran a concrete pump line across a public path which had to remain open to foot traffic as per council requirements.

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