Spanish Supplier of Safety Nets

New Zealand is known as one of the countries in the world that make a commitment to the safety and protection of its workers.

When it comes to working at heights, it’s important to have the right safety system in order to prevent falls. A fall arrest system such as the use of safety netting is in widespread use within the New Zealand construction industry.

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New Zealand Safety Netting Supplier

SafeSmart Access is the exclusive NZ distributor of  Visornet Knotless Safety Nets from Spain. Visornet takes pride in being one of the leading safety netting factories equipped with the latest technology and quality engineering. For several years, Europe has relied on the expert advice and craftsmanship of Visornet and their Safety Net System V that is used for structural building execution.

With careful consideration to height and safety rules, each safety net is properly tested and developed to meet the European Standard EN1263.1:2014.

Included in the range of safety netting supplies, SafeSmart has developed their own anchorage system for the Spanish nets to be directly installed to wooden frames – more commonly used in the construction of New Zealand residential houses than in Europe.

Story of Spain

As one of two fishing ports in Alicante, Spain, Santa Pola, where Visornet is based, continues the legacy of its past, with the region’s entire economy specialising in the manufacture of nets for a variety of uses. This strong history in net-making makes Visornet the experts in design and manufacturing of netting for the safety of workers in construction worldwide.

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As a member of FASET organisation (Fall Arrest Safety Equipment Training), Visornet integrates quality and reliability of their products using the latest technologies and traditional crafting techniques when manufacturing their safety nets and metal structures.

Whether you’re after debris netting for your scaffolding or keeping the project site safe for your workers, SafeSmart has you covered with our high-quality safety net products. For customised netting or other enquiries, visit our contact page to get in touch with a specialist.

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