Safety in the Trucking Industry

When it comes to safety and innovation in the trucking industry, we often hear about the latest technology coming out for keeping trucks safe on the roads. Safety suites that feature blind spot monitoring, backup cameras, and autonomous collision braking systems are among the most notable advancements that are highlighted in the modern-day transportation vehicle; however, the trucking industry has also been making strides with innovations that are paving the way towards safer operation while the trucks are stationary.


The SafeLoader Truck Access Platform is a clever solution for making loading and unloading of trucks safer, easier and more efficient. Far better than the use of ladders, this system features a 45-degree angle stair set and self-closing gate at the entrance to the fully guard-railed platform.  200mm heavy duty swivel and locking casters can be used to wheel the 225Kg rated platform into place, and lock for secure access to the truck deck for unloading and working on.

With a fully crossed-braced aluminium frame, creating total rigidity throughout the 700mm wide platform, the entire unit, can be easily relocated around the site using bolt-on forklifting channels or crane lifting points which are included as standard.

Originally designed for easy loading and unloading of trucks, the SafeLoader – available in 4m or 6m lengths is also compatible with many types of heavy vehicle for loading or maintenance, including mining machinery, trains and military vehicles.


The rolling aluminium truck edge protection is another easy and quick to install temporary fall protection system for use during loading and unloading. This system is suitable for tray heights of up to 1.5m. For continuous protection from the front to the back of the tray, panels can also be connected.

This eliminates the need for using dangerous ladders altogether. Compliant with current industry safety standards, and easy to flat pack for transportation, this edge protection system is made to last.


An essential tool for all machinery service workshops. Get right into and up against your work area without dangerously reaching out from the platform. The platform’s tough, non-slip deck and aluminium frame are rated to 225kg. The Cantilever maintenance platform is specifically designed for hard use in harsh conditions and 200mm locking casters make the platform easy to manoeuvre around the site.


A safe and convenient way to access truck decks is the aluminium AdjustaStairs. The fold-flat, lightweight and portable stairs can be easily transported and set up as a fully guardrailed stairway in minutes.  Clever self-levelling stair treads adjust to suit varying truck deck heights for safe and comfortable ascending and descending while carrying goods.


The EasyRaise height adjustable stair platform is ideal for access to truck trays. Compact and mobile on 200mm casters for easy deployment, the Cantilever lengthens as the platform is raised. The platform is incrementally adjustable from 1400mm to 2800mm using a manual winch. A quick release system has been incorporated for lowering ready for storage.

For a larger platform to span over the top of trucks, a Bridge Deck may be used to provide a platform joining two EasyRaise platforms.

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