SafeSmart Exhibits at Land Forces 2022 Defence Australia

Our SafeSmart Access branch across the ditch recently exhibited at Land Forces 2022 at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre. SafeSmart’s height safety solutions were on show for Rheinmetall Defence Australia, Boeing Defence Australia, amongst other attendess and defence personnel from all organisations.

Lots of interest was generated in safety solutions for small watercraft including RHIBs, and refuelling tankers. As well as Bushmasters plus its Strikemaster variant and Hawkei vehicles manufactured in Bendigo, Victoria.There was significant interest in the platforms we provide for many helicopter types and models including:

  • – AH-64 Apaches
  • – UH-60M Blackhawks
  • – MH-60R Seahawks
  • – AgustaWestland AW139
  • – Bell 212
  • – Bell 412


Why Australian Defence Chooses SafeSmart Access

The Australian Defence Force is replacing and expanding its capabilities with new equipment and technologies from local and overseas military hardware suppliers. As the defence industry evolves, so too must the safety solutions that protect defence technicians during maintenance.

The problem with most imported ground support equipment is the lack of compliance with Australian Safety standards or the lack of compatibility with the unique workshop or hangar conditions. This can result in safety hazards and injuries to defence personnel resulting in further delays let alone liability.

Many Land Forces attendees were seeking to replace GSE that wasn’t innovative, smart, and fit for purpose, or were wanting to add additional capability which is where SafeSmart comes in. With products designed with defence consultation, SafeSmart’s solutions are fit for the most unique and harshest defence applications. Plus, with a long history of developing and manufacturing defence height safety solutions, SafeSmart’s exhibitor stand was constantly busy with enquiries.

SafeSmart’s range of platforms includes off-the-shelf solutions like UltraRaise and Vehicle Edge Protection to suit many defence access applications. To custom solutions for specific military hardware such as the Blackhawk Helicopter Platforms and AW139 Access Platforms.

Safe and Efficient Workshops, Hangers, & Tarmacs

A Defence Force Technician’s varied and busy workshops require the right equipment to get the job done quickly, efficiently and most importantly – safely.

This is where defence organisations are saving time and money by using SafeSmart Access equipment and services. SafeSmart’s products help Defence personnel work more productively whilst conforming to defence and Australian safety requirements in a range of tasks including inspections, servicing, refurbishment, rebuilds, and maintenance.

The defence platform range of custom solutions was developed with direct consultation with the industry, to address the specific needs of defence technicians and applications. The goal of all SafeSmart height safety solutions is to be innovative, user-friendly and above all, safe. Whether its an Abrams, Bushmaster, or Blackhawk, defence specific platforms make working on defence hardware easier, faster and safer for all defence personnel.

Height Safety Innovation: Now and the Future

With the latest procurement of military hardware, SafeSmart will undoubtedly be involved in providing defence-specific solutions for the future. The engineering and design team have already produced a range of custom height access solutions for:

  • – Mobile SRI Boat Platforms
  • – Boeing MV-22 Osprey
  • – Hercules C-130 Docking System
  • – B737 Fuselage Access
  • – Embraer E-190
  • – Black Hawk Platforms
  • – Kaman SH-2G Seasprite Helicopter Docking System
  • – Bell 429 Side / Tail Access Platforms
  • – AW139 Side / Tail Access Platforms

As well as the off the shelf range compatible with Main Battle Tanks, Infantry Fighting Vehicles, and Support Role Vehicles seen in the Defence Brochure.

The exhibition was a success with key decision makers from all military organisations seeking innovative and smart-design height safety solutions. SafeSmart Access Defence products are now specified on numerous defence projects in Australia. Thanks to world class events like this, SafeSmart Access will continue providing cutting-edge products and services to Defence forces around Australia.

Please contact SafeSmart Access for further information on (02) 8844 4500, alternatively contact us at

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