Adaptaspan Temporary Bridge System For Construction | Brian Perry Civil Case Study

Brian Perry Civil used the SafeSmart Access AdaptaSpan modular, temporary bridge system on the Seaview Energy project in Wellington to provide safe access to pontoons and different wharf levels from the main wharf. It was quick to install and stood up to the harsh marine environment of the Wellington harbor. An adjusting hinge bracket was used to allow for the modulation of the swell and tides.

Customer Testimonial | Gabriela, Brian Perry Civil:

“We needed a smart way to access our pontoons in Seaview, we have to be able to lift the gangways when weather is not ideal. The SafeSmart modules are light, heavy duty and suitable for a marine environment, a great solution for our site.”

Below are the benefits of the modular bridge system that Brian Perry Civil experienced on site:

AdaptaSpan Modular lengths of 1m, 2m & 3m. Easy to manoeuvre and bolt together.

The AdaptaSpan modules are very light weight. One 3m module is only 140kgs which meant it was a very easy lift and install for the crane on site.

The AdaptaSpan created a safe and stable temporary bridge to access pontoons and different wharf levels on site.

An adjusting hinge bracket on one end of the AdaptaSpan, and a roller bracket at the other end allowed for the modulation of the swell and tide in the Wellington harbor.

As AdaptaSpan is aluminium it meant it has not corroded in the salt water that it continually gets splashed in.

AdaptaSpan is pre-engineered. This means that it was already signed off ready to drop into place when it arrived on site. The alternative would have been a custom-built gangway which would have needed engineering and sign off before use.

The AdaptaSpan modules were bolted together on site to create the access gangway. These can be bolted together to span up to 15m while still achieving an impressive 2.5kPA SWL.

Find out more about the AdaptaSpan Modular, Temporary Bridge system below and contact us if you would like to discuss this on your next product.