46% Lighter Than Steel Systems

Proscaf Aluminium Scaffolding SKU: PROSCAF_ ALUMINIUM

46% Lighter Than Steel Systems

Proscaf Aluminium Scaffolding SKU: PROSCAF_ ALUMINIUM
  • 46% lighter than most steel systems
  • Proven to be up to 28% faster to install than steel systems
  • Made from 6061-T6, marine grade aluminium
  • Cost effective for Residencial Housing Scaffolding, Suspended Scaffolding, Cantilever Scaffolding & Weight Sensitive jobs
  • Ideal for scaffolding for roofs
  • Scaffold Design available
  • Compatible with Proscaf Steel
  • From a roof scaffold to a complex cantilever or propping job - Proscaf Aluminium does it all

Proscaf Aluminium Scaffold is a truly one of a kind system. It is lightweight robust and proven to be very fast to install over other scaffolding systems.

Below are some ideal applications of Proscaf Aluminium Scaffolding.



The typical residential house scaffold only stands onsite for 4-6 weeks. The largest cost of the project to the scaffolder is labour. Proscaf aluminium is 46% lighter than most steel systems. A recent case study proved that the installation and dismantle time on a single-story new build is reduced by 28% using Proscaf Aluminium. The time saved in transport and movement of Proscaf Aluminium has been proven to be a more economical system for scaffolding short-term projects. It also provides edge protection so is ideal scaffolding for roofs.


Proscaf Aluminium is designed to be able to be used for suspended/ hanging scaffold projects. Proscaf Aluminium Scaffolding is a 6061-T6, marine grade aluminium. The strength to weight ratio of this grade of aluminium is twice that of steel allowing scaffold contractors to build suspended platforms with a lower tare weight. The extra-strong spigots are double bolted, suiting suspended scaffolding projects. The impressive strength to weight ratio of Proscaf Aluminium makes it suited for the maintenance of structures like wharfs and bridges that have weight restrictions.


Proscaf Aluminium Scaffold is unique for its ability to cantilever using the load-bearing diagonal brace. With industry high compression and tension loads, complex projects can be achieved. Applications are for industrial and energy projects where irregular structures present challenges for standard modular equipment. The anti-corrosion and non-sparking elements of Proscaf element are also a benefit in these applications.


Proscaf aluminium is perfect for weight sensitive projects.

  • Scaffolding for roofs/ Rooftop platforms
  • Remote projects requiring lengthy cartage.
  • Projects only accessible by helicopter. Scaffold on islands etc.
  • Commercial building maintenance.
  • Silo & boiler maintenance.
  • Marine & superyacht painting work.

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