NZ's Leading Non-Conductive Portable Stairs

AdjustaStairs Fibreglass

NZ's Leading Non-Conductive Portable Stairs

AdjustaStairs Fibreglass
  • Non-Conductive
  • 600mm wide aluminium stairs
  • Stairs will self-level to suit the angle of the batter
  • Multiple stairs can be joined end to end to span any batter length
  • Top and mid landings can be constructed from Proscaf or custom aluminium fabricated
  • To fix, the stairs can be bolted into a timber sleeper or structural ply at the top, and pinned into the dirt at the bottom
  • Adjustability of the stairs makes them ideal for excavation access, where levels are constantly changing
  • Use AdjustaStairs Fibreglass for electrical work
  • Much quicker to set up and move than a scaffold tower
6 Steps | Adjustment Range 0.94m - 1.3m
  • Complies to AS/NZS 1892 : 1996
  • Steps: 6
  • Suggested Height Range:0.94M - 1.3M
SKU: 210743
7 Steps | Adjustment Range 1.1m-1.52m
  • Complies to AS/NZS 1892 : 1996
  • Steps: 7
  • Suggested Height Range:1.1M - 1.52M

Our AdjustaStairs temporary stairs in aluminium have become one of the most popular ways to safely gain access to heights in many different types of work areas. Now, for those who work around electricity, we supply this product in electrically-safe fibreglass construction.


These non-conductive portable stairs are 600mm-wide and come in several heights/adjustment ranges 0.94m-1.3m to 1.1m-1.52m and feature a hefty 300kg weight rating, so carrying tools and other supplies whilst using the stairs is very safe.


Use these portable stairs for:

  • Electric rail line work.
  • Any major electricians tasks.
  • Multi-floor access whilst live services and electrical cabling is already present or installed.
  • Work around electrically-powered machinery.

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