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Scaffold Ladder 

When installing scaffolding, it is essential that you use correct and compliant access products that are made especially for scaffolding systems. Are you looking for a trusted supplier for these products in New Zealand?  To get the job done quickly and safely, see SafeSmart Access, the nation's premier provider of portable height access platforms and ladders. After many decades of experience, SafeSmart Access bring an in-depth knowledge of all regulations relating to height access. If onsite consultation is needed, our representatives can visit you anywhere in NZ and develop specialised scaffolding systems that help you gain height access safely and efficiently.  


Heavy Duty Ladders and Trestles

View our large range of high quality and heavy duty ladders and trestles for your next project or maintenance. You can rest assured that whatever you place between two of our trestles will remain firmly in the air while you carry out the task at hand. Our trestles and ladders are made using heavy-duty aluminium and are fitted with non-slip feet for added stability. 

Quality Access Ladders NZ Manufactured

On a daily basis, SafeSmart Access' in-house design team invent new ways for clients to gain access to unique obstacles. Our custom solutions will either consist of components that have never existed before—built from the ground up—or a combination of specially-shaped platforms and existing access accessories, such as scaffolding stairs, scaffold ladders, safety gates, fully-handrailed Z stairs and portable stairs. For scaffolding systems, this means that your workers can gain access to heights and work at height with their materials safely, no matter what shape or size the structure is.

Ask About Our Access Products for Scaffolding Systems

Since 1997, SafeSmart Access have evolved from a scaffolding systems company, to a global leader in customised portable height access solutions for all industries.
It is this pedigree that has seen many big companies around New Zealand align themselves with us, as a trusted partner in onsite safety and efficiency. For any questions about our scaffold access products, get in touch with us now.

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