Lendlease Reduce Trip Hazards at 60 Martin Place

At the site of the new 60 Martin Place development, contractors Lendlease faced challenges for moving around a cluttered formwork deck.

All the exposed steel reinforcement as well as troughs and gaps in the deck were causing serious trip hazards.

Lendlease had to take action to eliminate these temporary dangers, as a factor in worker welfare and project efficiency. They sought the advice of SafeSmart Access, an Australian manufacturer of work platforms, bridges and more, to come up with an answer

SafeSmart’s range includes a formwork stepover that is easy to deploy and reposition by hand, which was perfect for Lendlease’s needs.

This simple 3m bridge could easily be put in place and fixed down with anchors if required in the pre-drilled fixing holes. This enabled safe, fast and easy access over the cluttered and potentially dangerous formwork decks and reinforcement.

Lendlease are very happy with the product, and they have found it to be much more effective than the use of standard weather-prone planks,

Find out more about the Formwork Stepover here.

The Formwork Stepover at the Martin Place site.

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