Pedestrian Access - Soundsplash, Raglan

Soundsplash is a boutique, multi-genre music festival run in Raglan, NZ. It is a summer festival of freedom, music, and expression, where patrons are free to plug-in to the buzz of the crowds enjoying new grooves and festival favourites, or fully unplug and find relaxation within myriad chill-zones, the sun, sand and surf.

Soundsplash celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, with this year’s event being held from January 22 to January 24. The event attracted 8,000 patrons. With thousands of attendees needing to cross a busy road from the carpark to the event, concerns had been raised by the community about the danger and disruption caused by the road crossing.

Pedestrian bridge

Dynamic Scaffolding was contracted to design and build a portable pedestrian access bridge to cross the main road into Ngarunui beach, Raglan.

To solve challenges like this, Dynamic Scaffold use Proscaf, a highly-engineered system ideal for safely building complex structures. Proscaf’s Public Access components were used to ensure a compliant design.

Some key aspects of the design included:

  • The temporary Proscaf bridge and stair included a bridge clear span of 8m and a load rating of 5kPa.
  • The Proscaf childproof guard railing at sides of the stairs with centre handrailing provided a 2m clear lane in both directions facilitate ‘flow’ of pedestrians.
  • The Proscaf load rated diagonal braces eliminated the need for truss beams increasing the clearance under the bridge to 5.5m.
  • The temporary Proscaf bridge and stair were designed and built to meet NZ public access standards.

Dynamic’s workers had the system built within a matter of hours, ready for use for SoundSplash.

The clients were delighted with the result, a very tidy structure with clear lane ways for pedestrians crossing either way. The Proscaf engineered components meant the designer could design a pedestrian access to span across the road and meet the relevant requirements for public access.

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