Worksite Safety with Debris Netting

Debris comes in all shapes and sizes, so not just any type of netting can be used. For example, brick-and-mortar removal projects require vastly different safety nets than site projects that require a lot of sanding and produces a lot of dust. Knowing which netting is right for the job can increase efficiency and leave workers and site managers feeling safe and worry-free from falling debris.

Debris netting is used on construction sites to contain debris and is generally made from durable, heavy-duty, high-grade plastic netting.

There are a number of benefits to using debris netting:

  • It provides safe containment of debris, protection of workers, the public and traffic
  • Versatile and acts as an enclosure system, making it easy and economical to handle and can hang vertically or horizontally to achieve maximum coverage
  • It allows for air to flow through which can ventilate the scaffold and reduce wind loading
  • It gives some protection to work areas and workers from inclement weather conditions

Choosing the Right Net

When selecting proper debris netting, many factors should be taken into consideration such as weather condition, the height of the building, number of pedestrians near the site and vehicle traffic.

The most important factor to consider in all cases, however, is the size of the smallest amount of debris that can fall. This will determine the correct weave of the debris netting so that maximum protection is guaranteed.

At SafeSmart Access, we stock debris netting in 50m rolls x 2m wide. Easily attach to scaffolding with toggle ties, cable ties or KwizAz fixings. Contain dust and debris with this re-usable alternative to shrink-wrapping for all-weather applications.

We also have Custom Printed mesh and debris netting with the same quality and strength.

If you are looking to source construction safety netting for a large project give us a call on 0800 000 448 or enquire through our contact page.


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