Saving Time Using AdjustaStairs | Enhancing Efficiency in the Construction Industry

In the construction industry we know keeping projects moving is critical. Having a range of AdjustaStairs on site has proven to save significant time and headaches over the course of a project. Below we have unpacked the common uses of AdjustaStairs and how time and money can be saved over the course of most construction projects.

Batter and Excavation Access:

AdjustaStairs are ideal for batter access as they:

  • Self-level to suit the angle of the batter.
  • Stairs can be joined end to end to span any batter length.
  • Are simply dropped into place – significant time and material savings over a wooden stair being purpose built.
  • Can be reused time again on different batters. Saves throwing out wooden stairs once they are no longer required.
  • Steps are made with grippy treadplate to reduce the risk of a slip. More grip and safer than wooden stairs or cutting out steps in the dirt.
  • Top and mid landings can be constructed out of Proscaf.
  • To fix, the stairs can be bolted into a timber sleeper or structural pile at the top and pinned into the ground at the bottom with reo bar.

Therefore, having AdjustaStair’s onsite can prove invaluable when access is required quickly. Instead of spending hours on constructing wooden stairs or even cutting these out in the batter, an AdjustaStair can be fixed into place in minutes. This minimizes downtime, enhances productivity and safety, and ensures a smooth workflow.


AdjustaStairs for excavationAdjustaStairs and excavation

Headstock Access:

In projects involving the construction or maintenance of headstocks or elevated structures, providing safe and convenient access is critical. AdjustaStairs offer a compliant solution that is able to provide access for workers to headstocks within minutes. With the ability to adjust the stair height, and their lightweight craneable design, contractors are able to move these around site and use on multiple headstocks. They also integrate seamlessly with falsework around the pierhead. Often scaffold stairs are rented for headstock access. Using an AdjustaStair saves on the time spent for the scaffolder to erect the scaffold and the weekly rental cost associated with this. This streamlined access saves both time and money while maintaining a strong focus on safety.


AdjustaStairs for headstock accessAdjustaStairs headstock

Formwork Access:

Formwork construction requires seamless access between different levels for pouring and reinforcing concrete. Use AdjustaStairs instead of a ladder for your primary and secondary access onto the formwork. Adjustastairs can be move into place and locked at the right height quickly and provide much safer and faster access than climbing a ladder. AdjustaStairs are also much quicker to set up and move compared to a scaffold tower. The 1200mm wide model is ideal for areas with high foot traffic as the stair can be used for access up and down simultaneously. AdjustaStairs also eliminates the need for complex stair configurations or scaffolding for each formwork level. With AdjustaStairs, construction teams can save significant time by swiftly adjusting the stair height, ensuring seamless access during the formwork process.


AdjustaStairs for formwork accessAdjustaStairs for formwork access

Jumpform Access:

Jumpform construction involves progressively building and moving formwork as construction progresses. AdjustaStairs offer a time-saving advantage in this scenario as they height adjust to integrate with the jumpform system. With the ability to quickly adjust the stair height to match the jumpform levels, workers can efficiently access different stages of the construction process. Ladders are often used in this situation, and this creates problems as climbing with tools can be time consuming and dangerous. Having a compliant stair provides workers safe access to the jumpform at all times and as they are lightweight, they are no problem to move as the jumpform progresses. Workers are then able to continue their work on the core, whilst the ‘jump’ is underway. This streamlined access reduces downtime, increases productivity, and ensures smooth progress in jumpform construction.


AdjustaStairs for jumpform accessAdjustaStairs

Tunnel Access:

AdjustaStairs are commonly used in tunnels or during tunnel construction. Whether it’s accessing tunnel faces or traversing between levels, AdjustaStairs offers a versatile solution that saves valuable time. They can be used instead of a customised welded stair that is designed for the tunnel curvature which saves time. They are much safer than ladder access and provide handrails. By eliminating the need for custom stairs or complex modifications, construction teams can optimize their workflow and achieve greater efficiency.


AdjustaStairs for tunnel access


AdjustaStair’s are a game-changer in the construction industry, and construction companies are finding having a range of AdjustaStairs on site can minimise down time and enhance safety and productivity on site if they are utilized. Talk to us about the most common sizes and models and what would be best suited to requirements.

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