SafeSmart SARNZ Webinar Overview

SafeSmart Sarnz Webinar Overview

On 11th April two representatives from SafeSmart Access, Wilbert Person and Daniel Wearmouth, partnered with SARNZ to host a webinar discussing some creative ways to get through what could be a challenging time in the market.

We kicked off by discussing a survey done by Pacificon on 380 people from the residential, commercial, and civil construction sectors about how people think the year is going to go. As most people have the same or slightly less work than last year, we have been focusing on finding spaces in the market where there is room for growth. 

With big trans-Tasman corporate companies such as Icon and CPB joining the construction industry in New Zealand, a culture of de-risking across sites has been driven. This is pretty good for New Zealand industries across the board!

The first hole in the market we have identified is edge protection. We have noticed a big push from more of the larger civil construction companies getting beyond a handrail, mid rail and a toe board and changing more into a full mesh panel system. Especially in projects like the City Rail Link where you have pedestrians close to big construction works. We went over a few options we do have available to suit this such as our AdaptaPanel, Non-Drill and Vertical Netting systems. Daniel discusses drops on sites and a particular situation he came across recently where gib board was dropped and landed about 300mm away from someone working below, “these are the sort of things they are focusing on that we need to pick up.”

Watch the video to see how we are constantly looking for different ways for our customers to find things in the market they aren’t doing right now and could be focusing on. As Daniel says, “It’s the guys that are out there doing the hustling, getting on the phone, making the calls during the tight times that are going to keep ahead.” Try to think outside the square, be ahead of the game and look for different ways of doing things. Find the best solution for your jobs, it may not be the most obvious one!


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