Safe Air Seasprite Maintenance Platforms

Seasprite 1


Scaffolding previously used by Safe Air in Blenheim to maintain NZ Defence Force’s Seasprite helicopters, was acknowledged as less than efficient, and unsafe. The system of assembling and dissembling scaffolding components for individual access to each part of the aircraft made maintenance time consuming and costly. It also caused unacceptable and expensive down-time for the aircraft.


Safe Air’s requirement to safely and efficiently access all areas of the Seasprite for maintenance, was communicated to the team at Safesmart Access who, based on their extensive experience in the design and manufacture of helicopter maintenance platforms, set about creating a solution from concept to the finished working solution. Safesmart Access’s in-house design team worked closely with the customer to ascertain specific requirements. CAD drawings were created, demonstrating a platform that could be easily wheeled into place to surround the Seasprite helicopters. The intricate platform design would provide safe and comfortable work areas from which Safe Air staff could easily access all parts of the Seasprite helicopters without costly and time-consuming adjustments and re-assembly of access gear.


Safesmart Access’s ISO9001-certified Northland factory was engaged to manufacture the precision-designed platforms to the R&D team’s exacting specifications. High tensile aluminium was used to produce lightweight, easy to manage platforms with the heavy-duty strength, rigidity and longevity that was required by Safe Air – and the platforms’ stunning good looks did not go unnoticed!


Safe Air staff have now retired the previous inefficient scaffolding system and are using the custom designed and built platforms to maintain the aircraft safely, and cost effectively with a vast reduction in down time for the aircraft. The platforms will be an integral part of Safe Air’s plant for many years.

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