Fan Safety Nets
Fan Safety Nets
Fan Safety Nets


Visor T-Evo standard metallic frame 3m x 6m with slab attachment 

  • Designed to fix directly to structures during construction to provide a perimeter fall arrest system, for both people and tools/debris. 
  • Protects lower surfaces and accessways from falling objects 
  • Manufactured in Spain, to EN 1263.1:2014 
  • Customizable to suit your specific project 
  • Nets available in multiple layering configurations to catch workers, tools, debris or a combination. 

Shipping costs are based on the value of the order. Please see below for details. 

Total Value of Order  Price of Shipping
$0-$50 $11.50
$51-$100 $17.50
$101-$200 $30
$201-$500 $52
$501-$1000 $73
$1001+ $150


*Shipping pricing for Mobile Scaffold Towers to be confirmed on order, based on tower size and destination. 
On approval, shipping costs will be payable separately in addition to any online purchase.


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